• Monday, March 7, 2022

Hey all!

Over the past few months we have undergone an incredibly extensive process of upgrading our UK reseller servers to our cloud infrastructure, which we are incredibly proud to confirm is now complete. As such, the next phase of the process is to begin rolling out cloud infrastructure to replace the dedicated servers we have in Germany!

As such, your service is being scheduled for an upgrade/migration over to the new infrastructure! This will introduce the following benefits...

???? -Pure Cloud Infrastructure
???? -100% NVMe Cluster
???? -AMD EPYC CPU's
???? -Replication and Clustering
???? -Increased Network Capacity
???? -Cloudlinux 8
????-Improved DNS Clustering
???? -Improved Backup Performance

The scheduled date for your migration is: 

10th March 2022

With any migration, disruptions are entirely possible. However, due to the fact Germany server is being migrated secondary to the sites we have successfully moved in the UK, we are incredibly confident in the process, and have plans to keep disruption to a minimum. 

As such, we will initiate the migration via a 'Live Transfer' process on the morning of the date above (Ugandan time, approx 11am). Once the migration is underway, each account will be migrated to the new server, and DNS automatically routed through to the new server also. Any domains using our nameservers, will not require any DNS changes to be made.

Important! For sites that use external DNS, such as those using Cloudflare, the 'Live Transfer' process will 'proxy' traffic from the old server to the new server, immediately following the migration of the account. As such, we anticipate minimal downtime during the migration process. 

For now, thank you all for your continued support! As ever, it's hugely appreciated, and we can't wait to see your businesses grow on the new platform!

Warmest regards,

Godwin and the Team